Posted 10/10/2016

Athletic Competition, Mentoring, And Business

Athletic Competition, Mentoring, And Business

It's not un-common for parents to start their children in an athletic program at a young age.  

Most parents do this to keep their kids involved in an activity so their children don't have time to get mixed in with the wrong kids. 

Child obesity is a problem that can be corrected by involving children in a regular athletic discipline (Monday Through Friday).

In my opinion, athletics can show a child/ teenager/ young adult, that coach's and elite athletes can be looked at as mentors.  Athletics also reinforces the need for individuals to seek a mentor in athletics and different mentors throughout a career.

Only a small percentage of children get the concept of a mentor.  All programs of every walk of life should teach and emphasize the need for mentoring and how this helps mankind.  Teaching a child to seek a mentor even if there is no mentor to find is the lesson to be had.

Lessons That Apply To Business

Getting up very early before school or work to endure a grueling practices teaches that this will have to be carried to business practice.  Training after work or school teaches that this will have to be carried over to business practice; athletics teaches the fact that you have to compete with your peers.

Most importantly, it teaches that you have the drive and discipline to compete or you don't.  And athletics teaches failure and the will to keep trying.  You haven't lost if you come in to the finish line 18th out of 679 people.  This only gives you an idea of what it will take to get to #1.

In the American/ Global world, competition and ultimately self-employment is the desired career.

Athletics can and should be started at a young age, not just for self-discipline but also for eye hand coordination that helps the body develop and in return, develop the mind.

I have been an athlete my entire life.

Get out and win! 

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