Posted 08/24/2016

It's Time to Destroy the Stereotypes and Get Everyone Out of the Closet

It's Time to Destroy the Stereotypes and Get Everyone Out of the Closet

     The people that meet me for the first time will comment on how I look like I'm in the military.  That's right, a military looking man that uses medical marijuana.  My brother on the other hand has never used marijuana and looks like a hippie.

How ironic.

Check out this video:

My doctor recommended medical marijuana in 2003 for my condition of herniated discs and bulging discs with conditions to also include degenerative discs and arthritis.  

I'm a user of medical marijuana for my condition of insomnia due to chronic back and neck pain.  A businessman of twenty years only allows me to puff in the evening in the privacy of my home.  The older I get, smoking mmj gets less attractive for the reason that I get dried out and smoke is harder on my body.

I don't always smoke mmj.

I use mmj olive oil in my cooking for dinner at home.  Other medical marijuana medicines include tincture.  The beauty of my tincture recipe is that it can be ingested and applied as an ointment directly to an area of arthritic pain.  

My book also makes people aware of the very valuable CBD oils that can relieve many problems with absolutely no psychoactive effects what so ever.  If you have an interest in natural ways to help the body, without the stereotype of using drugs and getting high, then CBD oil is for you.

Starting out as a Colorado caregiver in 2003, I had two patients with the conditions of seizures.  Other patients included one army and one marine discharged for medical reasons from battle in Afghanistan.  One year after my dispensary was opened, I had over 700 patients.

Read my background in the marijuana industry and how I was one of the very many that helped legalize marijuana.  Read my recipes for medical marijuana olive oil, tincture, etc., which can all be made at home.

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My book, titled "Colorado Marijuana Real Estate", is a how to guide for the entrepreneur and the blue-collar guy.  This book provides a blueprint for starting a medical marijuana business plan.

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