Posted 09/24/2016

Praise To The Outdoor Farmer

Praise To The Outdoor Farmer

I always take as much pride in every medical marijuana plant that I grow.  Legal marijuana started as medical marijuana and I always try to produce the best medicine I can.  

Electricity can represent fifty percent of the cost of marijuana grown under lights.

Is growing marijuana "green"?

Legal marijuana that is grown in warehouses is starting to get a bad media rap.  The media is about to smear marijuana again.  They will claim that the marijuana industry is not "green" and that it's causing problems with the power grid.  The facts are starting to show their ugly heads. It's causing some transformers to blow-up near large grow warehouses in Denver and Oregon.

This is a potential problem to an infrastructure that the entire public and private sector use.

Electric should be looked at as a luxury in the USA and all other countries.  It seems like the lawmaker's should take my advice quickly on this one.

This is the easy fix.

Proper labeling for outdoor grown mariuana

It's high time that marijuana regulations require that all dispensaries sell eighty percent of all bud product labeled as "outdoor grown".  I think greenhouse quality medicine is practically a controlled indoor environment.

The marijuana connoisseur does not mind paying for the higher cost of premium grade indoor grown(red dot) marijuana buds.  Let's keep it this way and start building some high-end-greenhouses.

Furthermore, the industry needs to have new regulations for outdoor growing  without the greenhouse.  Grow facilities should have the right to grow outside like all other crops.  Corn and beans are grown outside just like the grapes in a $100.00 bottle of cabernet wine.  Remember Humboldt County?

Outdoor weed is good stuff.

There is no reason why an outdoor facility can't be secure.  Two security guards and motion sensors would be the solution.  The regulations will change or the electric companies will have to build bigger.  I will bet that will take the combination of the two working together.

I'm ready all you marijuana connoisseurs.

Tell me your comments because sucking that kind of electric at 99% is being a pig.  It's time for a survey because the numbers don't lie.

Do you smoke indoor premium, red-dot medical marijuana?

Are you the kind of person that is satisfied with premium greenhouse medical marijuana?

Are you the type of person that is perfectly content with a high quality outdoor bud?


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